Greenbud Seeds consists of professionals from the cannabis sector and breeders from different parts of the world
with a long experience in the conservation, selection and development of unique genetics.

In the year 2015 we decided to combine efforts and bring to the market a line of high quality feminised, autoflowering and regular seeds, with the aim of satisfying the expectations of all types of grower.

Whether you seek varieties which are productive and easy to grow, without relinquishing exceptional aromas and flavours, or are an experienced grower willing to work with exclusive genetics in terms of quality, production, potency and organoleptic characteristics, we have the perfect option for you.

In our catalog you will find a great selection of high value, amazing quality strains, all selected and developed following the highest standards, achieved after many years of research to find the perfect individuals with the desired outstanding qualities.

• Hand-Selected, High Quality Seeds •

Our seeds are hand-selected and tested in extreme conditions by our team of professional testers, to ensure that only the highest quality seeds are marketed.

The packaging, one of the most striking and resistant on the market, is crush-proof and guarantees the preservation of our seeds in adverse environmental situations. Our method of conservation, in perfect conditions in terms of humidity and temperature, also guarantees the germinative power of the seeds.

Greenbud Seeds provides exclusive quality high-yielding genetics full of sensational flavours and aromas. These are seeds produced using organic fertilisers and a thorough feminisation process which provides, under suitable growing conditions, up to 99.99% of female plants.

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