Our Cannabis Seed Selection

• Before you get growing •

It is important to know which type of strain you want – as each type has its own set of attributes and effects. All our cannabis seeds are suitable for indoor and outdoor growing, but read below to find out more about each type.

• Indica Seeds •

If you are looking for a short flowering strain, then an indica strain is the perfect choice.  Smoking an indica provides a deep relaxing feeling and indicas are very popular for their medical effects, because they are very suitable for people who suffer with migraines and headaches, while it helps to relax, relieve stress and also body pain.

Our indica strains are the result of many years of careful experimentation in our quest for the most potent strain effects, using crossbreeding and genetic stabilization methods to focus on selecting the healthiest and most robust flowers.

• Sativa Seeds •

Sativas are very popular for their sweet and fruity taste. Sativa flowering time is slightly longer than Indica strains, but your reward for patience will be a high energetic boost that promotes creativity, leaving you smiling and buzzing with their lightly psychedelic effects.

As for the medical effects, these include the treatment of dermatological problems, improves appetite for HIV patients and mitigates the side effects of chemotherapy, as well as relieving depression, anxiety and stress.

When choosing our sativa strains we concentrated mainly on short flowering time, compact buds, size of the harvest and taste. After several years of research and genetics stabilization, we have prepared an interesting collection also featuring familiar species like Cinderella 99, Lemon Heaven or Malawi Gold.

• Auto flowering seeds •

Auto flowering seeds (AutoFem) have become very popular for home growers, as they start to bloom automatically without the need to reduce light. They are quick (ready within 10-11 weeks after seed germination), feminised (no need to select and cut male plants) which make them perfect for beginners.

When you decide to buy auto flowering cannabis seeds from us, you will get flowers extremely quickly, offering maximum yields with an intense taste and top-rate THC levels. These strains are perfect for recreational stress relief as well as medical purposes.

Try auto flowering cannabis seeds for outdoor growing and you can harvest them several times per year, depending on the climate in your country.

• Medical grade seeds •

Generally, all types of cannabis strains can be used medically and, through medical research we now know so much more about the differing beneficial effects of sativas and indicas.

Today, we use this wealth of data to understand which strains have the best healing potential, focusing on carefully breeding them to achieve optimal potency.

If you’re looking for medical cannabis but don’t know what strain is the best choice for you, then take your time to go through our online selection. Explore in-depth strain information to ensure the perfect purchase.

If you are newbie, then remember that sativas are more suitable for daytime users for its energy effect, while Indicas are recommended for evening and night-time usage because they give a full body relaxation effect.

• Buy in bulk •

We supply bulk seeds to larger farmers and retailers. For all information on what bulk seeds we have
or for further information please do not hesitate to contact us: info@lineagegenetics.com

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= 250 euros

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= 450 euros

200 seeds icon

= 850 euros

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 = 1,200 euros

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= 1,700 euros

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= 3,000 euros

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